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Conducting an Initial Trademark Search in Israel – Is it Worthwhile?

By Assaf J. Naim, Adv. Many individuals as well as corporations are nowadays filing trademarks all over the world as well as in Israel.   Although it is well known that when filing a trademark there is no guarantee that the said application will proceed to registration. One can estimate, however there is no certainty in such subjects. …

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The “Tommy Hilfiger” Parallel Importer Case in Israel

The “Tommy Hilfiger” Parallel Importer Case in Israel (Civ. File. [Tel-Aviv District Court] 11296-09-10 Tommy Hilfiger Licensing LLC. v. Elad Menachem) For decades, it has been generally and almost axiomatically accepted that parallel (“gray”) importation of genuine goods, legitimately purchased from the trademark owner (or its licensed sales representative) is completely legal. This concept was …

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